Did I go too hard on the design for these guys, did I do it again? Did I do the overdesigning of terciary characters?

Also nice well poisoning going on, I presume.

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What's he slashing?

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↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1: The Lusitanians are standing against the wall, with their eyes or faces covered up. They seem to be in different levels of exhasperation and hurt. Nikita addresses them as the rest of the soldiers wait, in a mix of meditan spanish and poorly spoken portuguese.

Nikita: Where is the closest desluso factory?

Panel 2: The Lusitanians, even tho they all have their faces or eyes covered, look away from him.

Panel 3:

Nikita: Fine. I'm not taking prisoners today, then.

Panel 4: Nikita walks in front of the Luso line, pointing at two random people, followed closely by another soldier.

Nikita: Break this one's neck. The priest's legs too. Throw them into different wells.

Panel 5: Nikita turns again to the lusitanians, focusing on the guy standing next to the priest.

Nikita: Do YOU have any info for me?