Nikita stop being extra challenge omg nobody cares about what you have to say at his point. Just let the guy go as you promised, jackass

New SpiderForest Comics – Unlikely Partnerships

Clover and Cutlass<
Clover and Cutlass – The villains’ daughter falls for the heroine.
KEYSPACE: A Winged Tale
Immaterial – Ever wondered where all your lost socks go?
Fluffy Gang
Fluffy Gang – Friends trying to find some cool treasure, with varying levels of success.
Witch of Dezina
Witch of Dezina – The government sends a bureaucrat to find a missing goddess. Things get messy when a witch gets involved.
↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1: Nikita's prisoner is still in shock, looking at the destruction.

Panel 2: The prisoner's pulled from behind, with invisible hands grabbing his hair, shirt and arms and forcing him to turn around.

Panel 3: Nikita is levitating a long electric sword, with his back to the prisoner. Out there, the church's now completely engulfed in flames. The prisoner is handled by several different invisible hands and forced to look at Nikita.

Nikita: I said we were not taking prisoners today, and I meant it.

Panel 4,5: Nikita's invisible hands grab the prisoner's neck and legs, dragging him closer.

Panel 6: Nikita looks at his reflection in the sword, smiling.

Nikita: Your information has just saved us a lot of trouble. Especially for you. As a thank you for your kind service, I will be letting you go. But first...