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↓ Transcript
7 Panels.

Panel 1, 2:
Daria, annoyed at her mom.

Daria: AWAY from the frontlines?
Giulia: Under my supervision.

Panel 3:
Daria gestures defensively towards her mom, while her two sisters are almost laughing.

Daria: To do WHAT? Some office job?
Daniele: Still technically the army, sister!
Daria (cont): Mother, you don't get to do this!!
Daniele: Chill, Daria.
Daria (cont): I have plans of my own, you know?
Donatella: Thehehe, you've got new plans now!

Panel 4:
Pepper stares at the twins, shutting them up.

Pepper: Can you not?
Donatella: BOOO!
Daniele: BOOO! Pepper party pooper!!

Panel 5:
Giulia makes yet another dramatic wave of her hand, dismissing all of Daria's concerns with a single movement.

Giulia: Erase me, Árgon, for we are not doing this here! Don't start a scene on your cousin's birthday party, Daria!! Can't you just do what I ask of you ONCE without playing the victim?

Panel 6, 7:
Daria makes her hand into a fist, in anger, and shouts.

Daria: WHAT? And when do you ever let me do what I want??