↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1:
A pensive Daria.

Daria: Does that mean he's gonna leave the army?

Panel 2:
Daniele and Donatella turn backwards to look at their younger sister. Daniele takes a bite of cheese from a stick.

Donatella: Why why why, baby sister? Afraid cousin's not gonna play pew pew shoot shoot with you anymore?
Daniele: Maybe he just likes being able to take showers, Daria. Can't blame him for that. Some people enjoy having all their fingers too. And it's not like you're gonna be near the action much longer either.

Panel 3:
Daria gets startled at the news, and the two sisters laugh at each other with barely concealed amusement.

Daria: Wh-what do you mean?
Daniele&Donatella: Oopsie, she didn't know!!

Panel 4:
A slightly upset Daria looks away from the scene, calling.

Daria: MOM?

Panel 5:
Daria's mother, Giulia, is standing next to her short husband. He's taking some food from a waiter, while she is waving a hand in a dismissive and dramatic fashion.

Giulia: You've had your fun. Now that you're done with your "special training", we're taking you back to Madrid.