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↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1:
Daria runs into the grassy area outside of the party, falling to her knees. Pepper gets to her quickly. Two crows overlook the scene.

Daria: HHHHHH!!! All they do is party around in their stupid pretty dresses and shiny jewels and somehow I am the joke?

Panel 2, 3:
Daria removed her headpiece and got her dress partially undone. Her hair is all over the place as she cries into her headpiece, which has the crest of the Grillo family on it. Pepper tries to comfort her.

Daria: Why am I always the joke??
Pepper: Come on, Daria. You too are wearing pretty dresses and shiny jewels.
Daria: But this isn't me, not anymore. I don't belong here...

Panel 4:
She stares at her headpiece, with a more determined look on her face.

Daria: And I don't belong in Madrid either.

Panel 5, 6:
A reassuring Pepper to her side tries to calm her down, as she looks tired.

Pepper: Can't you try? Just for tonight?