Comic is back and I bet you didn’t think it would still be Steffano’s birthday and they’d still be having the same discussion!!!

↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1: Alessandro stands up, holding his glass of red wine and looking into the fire. Steffano stands behind him.

Alessandro: We are at a turning point. This war is the opportunity our family has been waiting for and you're tossing it away.
Steffano: Excuse me, am I being given the recruitment speech tonight too?

Panel 2: The chubby, grey haired uncle sitting on the other chair next to the fireplace moves his long cigarrete around, while the aunt plays the piano behind him. He addresses Steffano, but is pointing towards the door (probably to Nikita).

Uncle 2: Oh, we would recruit that boy-toy of yours first. At least he seems to have his priorities straight.
Aunt: He is a Corvo, sweetie.

Panel 3: The aunt plays the piano, smiling horribly through a horrible facial scar.

Aunt: He'll come around when he actually sees the war.

Panel 4: Alessandro takes a sip of wine from his big big glass.

Steffano (off panel): I have seen enough of our fine people die for nothing, aunt. I was not positively impressed.
Aunt: You talk to us about death when you've seen what we've seen.