↓ Transcript
Vertical page.

7 Panels.

Panels 1,2: Franq takes a wire from his laurels and plugs it into a door, which slides open with a screech.

Franq: Turns out this also makes it the perfect vehicle for another project.
Nikita: And what is that, little guy?
Franq: We're calling it "The Singer".

Panel 3: The main panel is a long illustration of a tubular machine. It resembles a particle collider, with several concentric tubes encapsulated by concrete. Around it, there are additional structures stuck into it, as if meant to thread it.

Franq (offpanel): After our mission, and when I shared my report with the machines - as you probably well remember - the computers went into a sort of "transe"... Well, after a long deciphering process, the Augur Offices came to the conclusion the Gods were giving us instructions on how to convert a linear particle collider into a reality-warping machine.

Panel 4, 5, 6: Nikita looks surprised for a couple panels before finally saying:

Nikita: You're fucking kidding me.

Panel 7: Franq smiles and gestures towards the machine behind him.

Franq: Oh, it's been done before. We have the records. This one here is not the first Singer machine humanity has built.