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6 Panels.

Panel 1: Nikita leans over Franq, his hands on the support of the chair. Franq is suddenly very very small and aprehensive.

Nikita: You can help me find the truth and stick it to the General. You'll find he and I are very different when it about keeping our men safe.

Panel 2: Franq sweats.

Panel 3: Nikita picks up his bag and heads towards the door. Franq is still sitting on his chair, slightly uncomposed.

Nikita: I know what I'm gonna do.

Panel 4: A nervous Franq looks away.

Franq: Nikita, I'd trust you with my life. I just don't trust you as a person.

Panel 5: Nikita doesn't turn back to look at Franq again.

Nikita: We're all going to die, Franquelim. But we don't have to die bored and ignorant.
Nikita: You know how to reach me.

Panel 6: Franq is alone, looking at his red boots, in his tiny bright office.