Scooch that little man to the side with your cane.

↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1: Franq reaches for his office's door, looks back to Nikita.

Franq: What about the General?

Panel 2: A serious Nikita.

Nikita: What about him?
Franq (off-panel): You know what I mean.
Nikita: I figured I'd get the hard proof first and ask for forgiveness later.

Panel 3: They enter the office, and Franq moves a quite jolly Nikita to the side with his cane.

Franq: Like you so often do, amirite?
Nikita: Hey!! The General will look the other way when I get him results. So,

Panel 4: Nikita smiles deviously at Franq.

Nikita: Are you gonna sit and wait for someone else to figure out that song?

Panel 5: Franq takes off his glasses and pinches the bridge of his nose.

Franq: Why. Why are we doing this again?

Panel 6: Franq lets himself fall on his augur chair while Nikita proceeds with his argumentation, happily.

Nikita: The General doesn't care about what happened to us, or what we found. But I do, and so do you.
Franq: I'm a little too old and tired to care, Nikusha.