↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1: Close shot of their feet as Franq and Nikita walk back to Franq's office. Franq takes the lead, with the his cane helping his left leg.

Nikita: Isn't it funny that the computers started facilitating this information - which they knew of all along! - only after they saw your report on the other Piece of God?

Panel 2: Franq stops, and looks back towards Nikita. He waits a moment before answering.

Franq: If you really do think of us as friends, then try not to lie to me, Nikita.

Panel 3: Nikita goes serious, gesturing vaguely in Franq's direction. He stares directly into him.

Nikita: About the inhuman intelligent creature we met, then. The one that pierced our minds like you claim God often does.

Panel 4: Close up of Franq. His eyes are covered by his shades, and we can't see his expression.

Franq: Yes. Yes, it is very funny.

Panel 5: Nikita raises a hand towards Franq, in an inviting gesture.

Nikita: I am dying to find out if those two things are related. Aren't you?