It's 6 am and your friend is explaining to you how he's working on a reality-warping machine that changes the way DNA is decoded

↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1: A coffee mug with steam coming off, still placed inside the machine.

Franq (off panel): While warping reality is possible, any changes would be... very minimal.
Nikita: How?

Panel 2: The two of them lean against the balcony. The construction resumes behind them.

Franq: Our digital archeology department only found evidence of change in how some DNA is decoded. Although the information is sparse and in bad condition.

Panel 3: They overlook the construction, still leaning against the balcony. Each holding their mug of coffee.

Nikita: These machines have been built AND used before?
Franq: Or so the records suggest.
Nikita: They are responsible for our Talent.
Franq: Timeline does fit. The Gods only know what'll be used for this time around. It would be nice to reverse some things - stop the population decline, and all that. The Gods were adamant we built it, yet we have no idea how to play this instrument.

Panel 4: A pensive close up on Franq.

Nikita (off panel): No Ancient records for that, I gather?
Franq: No.

Panel 5: Franq drinks from his coffee mug. Nikita seems to be a little confused.

Franq: And I have a hunch God deleted those on purpose.