↓ Transcript
6 panels.

Panel 1:
A shot of the window, with the blinds partially open and disalligned.

Estanis (off-panel): I know I should look for a woman I'm compatible with, with whom I'd be able to have kids, but... I love her, Eurico. I'd kill for that woman, any day.

Panels 2, 3:
Eurico looks at Estanis, expressionless. He moves a finger to push the collar of his shirt down, showing a very bruised neck.

Eurico: She tried to kill me, Lauzo.

Panel 4, 5:
Estanis looks at Eurico with a guilty and concerned look. He then looks away, distant.

Estanislau: She said she was sorry.

Panel 3:
Eurico crosses his legs while Estanislau reaches the cape he left on the floor.

Eurico: To you, maybe!! She was pretty commited in ending me, actually!