↓ Transcript
5 Panels

Panel 1:
Eurico, with his hands clasped together and a slightly sad expression.

Eurico: Oh Lauzo... She was never coming back.

Panel 2:
Estanislau forcefully and quickly grabs one of Eurico's arms. Eurico looks slightly shocked at his. His fingertips covered in band-aids are very visible. Estanis is clenching his teeth at him.

Estanislau: What do you know?

Panel 2:
A shot of the Angela's books, opened over the desk, and other student materials, untouched.

Eurico (off panel): That is not for me to say.
Estanislau (off panel): Six times you shot at her! SIX!! And you!? Still keeping her secrets?!

Panel 4:
Eurico sits on the bed with his arms folded, stubborn. Estanislau is gesturing intensively.

Eurico: She had it coming.
Estanislau: She's just confused, Eurico! This is but a misunderstanding!

Panel 5:
Estanis looses his power. He covers red face with one hand, while Eurico gently puts a hand on his shoulder.

Eurico: Were would she go? Who would help her?
Estanislau: PFFT. Do you think I know? She only talks to corpses, 'Rico. Five years, man, five years...