↓ Transcript
4 Panels

Panel 1:
Estanis falls on his back, holding the cape up to his mouth. He's got some drunken tears going on for him. A bemused Eurico just adjusts his position to see get a better look at him.

Estanislau: She's the love of my life! And she didn't come back...
Eurico: Come on, stop exaggerating.

Panel 2,3:
Close up as Eurico places a hand on top of Estanislau's.

Eurico: Let's get you out of that drunken stupor, shall we? Lauzo, look at me. I'm going to break your fingers.

Panel 4:
Estanis is confused.

Panel 5:

Explosion of color as Estanis grabs his hand, and his fingers seem to bend all in awkward directions. He's super shocked, he did NOT see this coming!! Behind him, vaguely visible, the silhouetes of a mace, a hammer and scissors.

Estanislau: WHAT?