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5 Panels

Panel 1:
Eurico looks back.

Panel 2:
From Eurico's point of view, we see a Lusitanian warrior student, holding a shotgun next to a tree. Behind him, the white university building and the clock tower.

Panel 3:
Eurico addresses a Professor, who has long black robes with red highlights and a hat with a single red feather. The man is old and he's smoking through a big pipe. They shake hands.

Eurico: Good morning, Professor.
Professor: Always on time. How's the wife?

Panel 4:
A view of the hill, with the university on top. Around it, several walls and houses and woods, and the river, with seagulls, boats and sunken buildings. The sky is a little cloudy, as if it had just stopped raining and the sunrays peering in.

Eurico (off panel): Spoiling the newborn. We haven't been getting much sleep lately.
Professor (off panel): Ah. You're a blessed man, Eurico. Children are a rare sight these days. How long have you been an inspector for the PDL, young man?
Eurico (off panel): It'l be eight years next September, sir.
Professor (off panel): Has it really been that long? Time sure flies... Let's get to the point. I called you here because we need to discuss something on the ATÉGINA MISSION, two years ago.

Panel 5:

Professor: What can you tell me of the meditas you fought against that night?