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The panel takes the entire page. It features articles and photos stacked on top of each other.

Two photos show factories. One of them is labeled "Prosthetic Parts Factory in Pedroso. 25/11/2806" and shows a very young man looking over an assembly line of prosthetic hands. Another shows a child peeking through a glass window, accompanied with a much decayed desluso. Two pictures show people living in white mountains, and children herding sheep. On the back, a document with a figure of a skull emanating a brain pattern and titled "--Pathway Rewritting gui- University of Nova Aveiro, 2785"

Text continues from the previous page.

Manel: Lusitania doesn't care about its children. They're tools for making more tools. Taking their children might be the biggest good we're doing here. They don't deserve them. They just need their little hands to keep their industries going. The land isn't gonna plow itself. The Meditans aren't gonna defeat themselves, right? Make babies, work 'till you die. And then work a little more, why not? We'll put your corpse to work too.