↓ Transcript
Panel takes the entire page. It pictures a photo album, with wedding pictures.

The first picture shows Manel and the bride, surrounded by Estanislau and Mauricio. Everyone seems happy. There's a happy picture of the couple, one with the bride showing her veil and a group photo of a party, in which the bride, Eurico, Angela and Estanislau are clearly distinguishable. Eurico has a tie around his hair and he's waving a cup of beer around.

The text continues from the last page.

Manel: I'm younger in Lusitania. I'm married now. My brother-in-law is a PDL agent and he's got a friend who is a WITCH. One of those that can only get hard for the Fatherland. I don't think my disguise ever truly fooled him. Anyways, I avoid being around him for long, tho the bitch attended my wedding. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, I guess?