↓ Transcript
The panel takes over the entire page. It features a bunch of photos stacked on top of each other.

One photo from a student ID card has Estanislau's face, with the note "Catita, E." under it.

There are several maritime photos, showing different types of boats in the Lusitanian fleet. A fishing boat is full of miserable-looking children. Two warships. In the far back, a photo of a captive Meditan soldier.

The text continues from the last page.

Manel: I'm younger in Lusitania. Kids marry young, here. Everything's fine and dandy until you find a chick you're compatible with, and bam! Time to marry as soon as possible, make as many kids as you can. It's like... A duty thing? To the Fatherland, or some shit. Can you imagine? Just try to picture it: contractual, state-sanctioned sex! The only kind you should have! These people are fucking crazy.