SpiderForest’s Comics of the Week | November 01-07

It’s the Journey

…not the destination. So much can be learned along a journey, and these comics are no exception.

Root and Branch

Root and Branch is an epic fantasy adventure comic, with beautiful watercolor pages and unexpected story-telling. Updates Monday & Wednesday Suitable for teens+, violence and mild nudity.
[Root and Branch Webtoon Mirror]

Soul's Journey
Soul’s Journey – A cursed pendant turns a runaway prince into a wolf. Can he find a way back to his human form to stop the brewing war on the horizon before it’s too late?
[Soul’s Journey Webtoon Mirror]

↓ Transcript
1 Panel. Flowery borders. Sepia tones.

One line of flowery decorations dashes for two-thirds of the page.

Panel 1:
Eurico is standing at the end of a tall corridor. He has longer air, and no beard. He takes off his student's jacket and hat as he looks through one of the doors.

Eurico: Estanis, is my room still free?

Estanis (off panel): Yes, why?