↓ Transcript
4 Panels:

Panel 1
Nikita's feet as he walks alongside the red cable that connects the NOCVIC and the Augur.

Panel 2:
Nikita kneels down.

Nikita: Your honour, we've reached our destination. We're ready to begin the retrieval activities now.

Panel 3:
Close up on Nikita's serious face as he continues.

NIkita: Do you confirm these to be the remains of an ancient satellite?

Panel 4:
Franquelim, the Augur, with a eerie glow around him and the wires connecting to his metallic crown of leaves. When he talks, his speech bubbles are green and use a different font, to denote Árgon the Computer is the one talking.

Árgon: Oh yes, Captain Kirchhoff. Our data seems to point that way.