Imagine two kids. Blanc is an angry brat with a troublesome past, and Samson is more quiet and very intent to get his job done. They’re working as squires for one of the Knights of the Wandering Castle of Granborough, but when Blanc the Brat decides to take his anger at one of said Knights on the street, he can no longer be a squire for Sir Kitakaze… But he can be for his younger sister, the very charming and absolutely not loud Sho, who also happens to be a Knight!

Sho may not be in this picture but she is in my heart.

Blanc really wants to learn how to use his gift and he seems very intent in using it for destructive purposes, although this is probably because he’s too young to understand that while that may sound cool, violence always comes at a price. Sho, on the other hand, is very very acquaintanced with violence and death! But she’s got uhhh other interests in mind!

Knights of the Wandering Castle, created by the awesomely cool Luny, reads like a shonen adventure as the two squires travel in their WANDERING CASTLE through several cities and get onto different tasks. It’s full of charming characters, witty conversation and amazing art!

I’ll point out that while the official site is at Knights of the Wandering Castle, it does often have some loading issues (like this one cough cough) and you can find the story mirrored on Webtoons!