Heirs of the Veil is another of those webcomics that’s been with me since I began my O Sarilho journey, and I still fondly remember being bored on a camping tent and chatting with Phineas about his characters.

Heirs of the Veil is an urban fantasy, and while that’s not exactly my cup of tea, it managed to capture my heart by giving me interesting characters to root for, a lovely mystery, and a story about walking on the thin line between entrusted responsibilities and personal freedom. And also running away from your problems.

It is also a very soft and tender story that does a great job at portraying its trans characters and making their personal narratives part of the big thread in a way that feels really natural and personal.

The story follows the young witch Victoria, who is trying to find her missing mother. She quickly gets the Strayer, Cort (imagine a librarian/magical neighbourhood-watcher who is very nervous all the time), to at least indulge her in this endeavour as she attempts to understand the mysterious disappearance and the actors who may have played a role in it. Slowly, we also get a glimpse of her past and how she feels the pressure of stepping on her mothers shoes, despite never having asked for it and having little training on the required magical arts. This is not a fast-paced, action-filled story. But it is very genuine.

Regardless of your personal opinion on Cort’s shoes, there is such a great attention to detail and lovely render of the backgrounds that you have no option but to consider the city of Port Arbores as a character in its own right.