Broken is the kind of webcomic that was made in a laboratory specifically for me.
You’ve got: fairy general, WAR, zombies, eldritch abominations, corruption, the government, fascism, fashion, body horror and much, much more!!
And in what I find actually rather refreshing, sure these fairies are magical entities and they can do a lot with that, but they also use conventional weapons. And I’m here for fairies with machineguns, ok?

Ah yess, fairy-made horrors beyond my comprehension!

The story follows Senior General homunculus Huvrye who fights alongside his little corrupted corpse companion in a magical war against corrupted creatures who are spreading corruption. He’s trying to stop them before they reach important places. By destroying them so much. And also destroying civilians here and there. All these things plague the good general, but they come to a much worse point when he eventually finds out maybe not all those corrupted people are beyond salvation – by discovering his own little companion is in fact, not that dead! Oh no!

Ah, this comic has the perfect balance of horror, tension and tenderness. It’s an inspiration on so many levels. It also makes great use of the web element, by bringing a lot of animations and styles into both the panels and the website, and I think you can tell that is the kind of stuff I want and enjoy in a webcomic! I think if you like O Sarilho and you don’t mind a story that’s slightly more fantasy-oriented while still being very very grounded, you’ll really enjoy Broken. Because it is out there doing what I want to do.

Go read it, it’s a good webcomic and it has 100% shizamura approval rate.