Hello and welcome to the second week of webcomic promotions!!

Today I’m bringing you Wychwood, a sci-fi webcomic created by the kind and talented Varethane. It’s a post-apoc sci-fi comic, so you know it was made in a laboratory for me.

Wychwood is the name of an organization that harvests and attempts to control the “magic” left behind by an invading alien race… Except that threat may not exactly be over with and maybe those guys still have an eye on Earth. Meanwhile, Tiara is a fiery delinquent that got some magic stuck to her and likes to abuse her talent, making her an easy target for Wychwood.

As Tiara and her friend Julian are ‘cordially invited’ into Wychwood (cough they’re captured cough), they learn about the secrets of the organization, the impending war, and make a few friends. And one of them may or may not be a little alien too (and you know ? I’m here for that ?) and maybe a “I’m not a slave of Wychwood!” type. You know ?. I am personally very fond of seeing their personalities clash as they get used to each other, especially these two:

They belong together, they just don’t know it yet.
Also please someone let Felix be free (but first I suppose, he needs to set his mind free. Don’t we all?)

And if you’re wondering “oh is this just another story with superpowered teenagers fighting the end of the world?” YES but also NO because let me tell you they are some very good teenagers and there are some very good themes, especially when it comes to finding your own identity and breaking out of your chains. Figure out who you really are. Learn to be a person without an authority to tell you how you should be.