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↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1:
Mikhail carefully detaches the cables from Frank's crown. Maili approaches Frank with the cup of hot coffee. Frank is smoking.

Mikhail: 'Ours' as in who? The Medita empire? Or the Ancients?
Frank: Thank you, Maili.

Panel 2:
Frank stares at Mikhail and he's looking very much not amused. Mikhail returns the same look.

Frank: The concept felt way broader than that, Mister Damless Engineer.

Panel 3:
Part of the crashing site is visible behind Nikita, who puts a hand on his hip. Mikhail is grumbling something.

Nikita: How does this affect our situation?

Panel 4:
Franquelim is holding the cup of coffee and behind him we see figures of the stars and a satellite.

Frank: While the satellite is still important... Whatever this other thing is.. Has made our God much more interested.