↓ Transcript
2 Panels.

Panel 1:
Four soldiers stand around Nikita as he opens the map. On his left are Aurik (with his helmet on) and Fausta. To his right, Steffano and Mikhail (eating a sandwish).

Panel 2:
A view of the map. It shows a river (marked as RIO PAIVA), and a road that goes across it (R326-1). Over the road, several locations have been signaled with a marker. One of them has an augur crown symbol, and it's the only one on the right side of the river. On the left side of the river, there are two big marks marking where the Unknown debris and the satellite remains can be found.

Nikita (off panel): We have confirmation of both the satellite's and the debris' locations. They are of difficult access and your time is short.
Aurik (off panel): The unknown debris are our priority, according to our Augur. Their spot is also easier to access; we could play it safe and leave the satellite for a following team.