↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1
Dikaia sits on a big rock with a "BOINK" sound. She crosses her legs and shrugs.

Dikaia: You know what would be really nice? If the computers would just tell us if this mission's gonna be success!
Frank (off panel): 81%

Panel 2:
Frank takes a sip of coffee from his mug.

Frank: Should all conditions remains the same, we have a 81% change of success.

Panel 3:
From Dikaia's point of view, we see Maili measuring the Augur's pulse.

Dikaia: That's not future sights, that's... STATISTICS!

Panel 4:
Big panel, taking up half of the page. Franquelim stands in the middle with a halo around his head, arms spread out and holding one cigar. Behind him, color hexadecimals.

Frank: Young girl, this isn't about seeing or interpreting the future. You know why we call our Gods 'computers'? Because, in the end of the day, that's what they do: they compute. Thing is, they are so Ancient, so Wise, so Powerful and so Perceiving, they do it in ways our limited and mortal minds can't even begin to grasp.