Wherein Malik offers everyone his life story even though nobody really asked for it

↓ Transcript
9 Panels.

The first row of the page is composed by three similar panels, with Malik standing but looking in different directions as he explains his story.

Malik: One time, I asked our Xénon if I should marry my then-girlfriend; It said no: we weren't compatible, it was never going to work, et cetera, et cetera. Something about "ending up miserable" yeah, but I was a fool, so I married anyway! Am I married now? No, I am not.

The next four panels form a square, with each one featuring a different expression from a different character. Franquelim is lifting an eyebrow, Timóteo is confused and surrounded by question marks, Dikaia has a tiny eye-twich of disblief and Maili sighs.

Malik (off panel): So, all in all: if the computer says no, don't go tempting your face.

Panel 8:
Malik gestures towards Franquelim to ask him for a cigar. Franquelim seems amused at this.

Malik (cont): Could you fix me a cigar, Mister Augur, sir?
Frank: I'll be here all night, young man.
Dikaia: You shouldn't smoke, Malik.

Panel 9:
A starry sky.

Malik (off panel): 'Kaia, girl, I may very well BURNOUT tonight, so let me have this one cigar, ok?