bye cigar 🙁

↓ Transcript
8 Panels.

The page is separated into two rows.

Panel 1:
Top view of the soldiers, as seen through the trees. Nikita is waving the map at them, and Malik is running in his direction.

Nikita: Time to review the drill, guys!

Panel 2:
Malik stops as he reaches Nikita, who stares at his cigar.

Nikita: And why are you smoking?

Panel 3,4,5:
Malik tosses it to the floor and steps on it angrily.

Nikita; Well.

The remaining three panels form the second row of the page, in which Nikita explains how the team will be divided and their responsabilities.

Panel 5:
Steffano, scratching his neck, a confused Timóteo and Felda.

Nikita (off panel): We have four and a half hours. The first team will guard the Augur and keep the connection to Régula II. SARGEANT CORVO will take the lead.

Panel 6:
Victória, holding an explosive, and Aurik (with his helmet on).

Nikita (off panel): I'll lead the second team, which will handle recovering the foreign debris.

Panel 7:
Mikhail, with a chopstick in his mouth. Dária knudging Pepper.

Nikita (off panel): Third team is tasked with finding the satellite's black box, after which they will join my team. SARGEANT KIRCHHOFF will be in charge.
Dária: dat us!!