↓ Transcript

5 Panels.

Panel 1,2:
Top view of the bed in which the corpse with the weird aura rests. Eurico walks around it, with some scizors on his hand, while Ângela is standing by the side, her arms folded. The corpse is partially covered by a blanket and its face has the common desluso mask: bright red with a blue cross across it. No openings for eyes or nose, and two antlers on the top. The corpse lacks its left arm, and there's blood on the floor. The room is very brightly lit as the morning sunlight comes through the large windows.

Eurico: A dead body that bleeds and thinks... Inhuman patterns.
Ângela: Can I help you with anything, Godfather?

Panel 3:
Ângela looks away, perhaps with shame.

Eurico (off panel): Do not act like you want to see this. Go rest, you have been up all night.

Panel 4:
Eurico sees Ângela going through the courtain and leaving the morgue room.

Panel 5:
Eurico lays both hands on the bed, by the corpse.

Eurico: A mind... is a mind.