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↓ Transcript
6 Panels.

Panel 1:
Eurico taps the mask with one finger.

Eurico: And minds have no secrets from me.

Panel 2,3:
The panel explodes with bright colors and the borders shake, as the body jolts alive! Its mental energy generates 5 antlers around its head, and its left arm grows back, completely black and almost liquid. It points towards Eurico as its finger forms and the word EURICO appears in front of its masked face.

Panel 4:
Eurico lifts the scizors like a dagger, in panic.

Eurico: Abomin-

Panel 5:
The body moves its right hand as to deflect the scizors, getting immediately pierced.

Panel 6:
Eurico kicks and turns the bed upside down and the dead body falls off with a loud "CRASH". Glass flies all over the place.