Greetings everyone,

It’s finally a 2021 and I hope all y’alls had a nice holiday season! I had a very nice chilly time and with that I mean that it was pretty chilly and I’m cold af, as I so often am. I also got a new pair of boots and broke my bike (again).

Meanwhile, and since it’s 2021 and therefore January again, comics are back! Update schedule as usual, one page a week at Thursdays, should I not feel particularly saucy and go with a double update. Let’s see how that goes.

Furthermore, please consider the cameos on this very page, namely Trigger from Ghost Slap Junkness and Kate, of Blast fame.

Hope you’re all doing fine and don’t forget to read some webcomics!!


↓ Transcript
4 panels.

Panel 1,2:
Large, vertical panel. Ângela is coming down a flight of stairs, holding her black student's folder. She's now wearing a white shirt with blue ornaments. Three other students address her from the bottom of the stairs.

Student 1: Heyyy!!! Sinistra!! Is there something wrong?
Student 2: Was that an Inspector? What's going on up there?
Student 1: There's this presence kinda... Bleeding through the walls.
Student 2: Everyone can hear it.
Student 3: Yeah, feels super weird.
Ângela: I- I don't...

Panel 3:
Ângela is startled by screams coming from the upper floor.

Panel 4:
Ângela runs through the other students and leaves the building. The screaming continues and the students are shocked.

Ângela: Just d-don't go up there.