“Go home and enjoy your free time, Ângela”
Ângela: how about I… go back instead

↓ Transcript
7 Panels.

Panel 1,2,3:
Ângela's feet as she's walking away from the morgue. She stops, and turns back.

Panel 4:
A gabinet with a number of keys, with different tags. Ângela's hand reaches for the one labeled REFRIGERATOR and another labeled STORAGE.

Panel 5,6:
Ângela walks through a storage facility, with shelves full of large containers. The corridor is labeled 2805. She's looking through the box's labels until she reaches one that says 12ND MEDITAN, MALE, 15/04/2805

Panel 7:
She pulls the container like a drawer and looks at its contents. Inside there is are some pieces of a meditan uniform, neatly stashed.