↓ Transcript
7 panels.

Panel 1:
Estanis approaches the Foreigner with a friendly body language.

Estanis: Shall we go back to discussing what your meditan friends are up to, Miguel? My good friend Fearless can give you some music, if you want to... To lighten up the mood!
Miguel: Our actions broke the balance of the cosmos. We must amend-
Estanis: Come on, Miguel. We've been over that.

Panel 2:
Miguel moves his head as if looking directly at Estanislau.

Miguel: We are all incomplete now.

Panel 3:
Eurico, behind the Foreigner, rests both his hands sofly over the Foreigner's shoulders.

Eurico: You're not telling us the whole truth, are you, Miguel?

Panel 4:
Eurico puts both his arms around the Foreigner's neck, and leans his head against his. It's almost a soft embrace.

Eurico: Are there more like you?

Panel 5,6,7:
Estanis drills through Miguel's right hand. Miguel screams and Eurico tightens his grip around his neck,