↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1:
Miguel gasps for hair, his face partially visible under the mask. His hands and mouth are very bloody.

Estanis (off panel): Oh come on.

Panel 2:
Estanislau leans closer to Miguel and pats him on the head, holding his drilled hand. Eurico looks towards the door.

Estanis (cont): This hurts me too. I'm a catholic, you know?
Eurico: ?

Panel 3,4:
A shot of Eurico looking in the door's direction. The door doesn't look back.

Panel 5:
Eurico and Estanislau are leaning against one of the big windows of the room. Estanis has his arms folded and is looking down, annoyed. Eurico is looking outside the window with both his hands on his hips. The two of them are still wearing their masks. In the foreground, the silhouette of the Foreigner looks at his left hand, where new fingers seem to grow, but barely visible.

Estanis, the Fancy: Ooof, this is going nowehere. It just keeps repeating the same shit, Fearless.
Eurico, the Fearless: It just thinks it can fool us. It's measuring its words, trying to hit a sensitive spot with all that religious nonsense.