Hey, will you look at that! If it ain’t our dear and beloved Kate Blast, now a catholic!

Turns out I never share my thought processes about characters and settings, so maybe let’s do that?

In the previous page I introduced two new characters, who show up at the scene per Dr.Urtiga’s request. One of them is supposedly a Bishop, which had me think about how I was meant to dress a character that’s supposedly living in a future that’s so tied to the past while making it recgonizable enough. I ended up veering a lot more into the “recongnizable” at the end.

He comes with an Acolite (I did not get them names and you’ll see why) who is a scaredy cat and maybe not adequate for this whole “let’s investigate this slightly paranormal activity deal”.

↓ Transcript
4 Panels

Panel 1:
Professor Urtiga and the Bishop share a handshake.

Professor Urtiga: Certainly, your Holiness must have noticed as soon as your holy feet stepped on my building that we are facing an event or CREATURE much unheard of. We mustn't, under any circumstances, leave this in the hands of the PDL, whose barbarous methods are no secret to us.

Panel 2:
Professor Moniz interrupts, slightly appalled. He stares at the other professor calmly, but menacingly. The other one is angry at this.

Professor Moniz: I am appalled at your insinuations, Doctor Urtiga. If the PDL is OVERZEALOUS it is only because it places the interests of this nation first.
Professor Urtiga (emphasis): Do you think I was born yesterday, professor!?
Bishop (off panel): Professor Moniz-

Panel 3,4:
The Bishop calms the other two down with a gesture of his hand. He looks up as the building gains a greener tint to it, and blood drips down the walls.

Bishop: What is this thing whose mind drips in agony down the walls of this building? This is clearly not the work of man.
Professor Moniz: And yet it came to us in the body of one. Yesterday, dead. Today, alive and immense. The body was captured during the Atégina Mission and I have intimated the particiants to share their perpective with us. They should be arriving within the day.