I mean.. Who else had access to deslusos and the room and knew the foreigner was there and the gang was there and who else would apologise to Estanis like that, right? It had to be an inside job

Take a good wide look at this O Sarilho opening made by Radou:

↓ Transcript
5 Panels

Panel 1:
Top view of the room, with Estanislau patting Eurico's back while he very probably pukes. The deslusos' bodies are scattered over the room. Estanis looks around.

Estanislau: Oh dear Lord. This has to be an inside job. And they kept apologising? You sure you alright, tho?
Eurico: COUGH COUGH - The commander has to be close. They stole my cape??

Panel 2:
Estanislau checks the room behind the curtain while Eurico adjusts his outfiit and cleans his face.

Eurico: Where is the Foreigner?
Estanislau: What do you mean 'where'?, it's right -

Panel 3:
Estanislau looks back to Eurico. Behind him, the chair where the Foreigner was tied is empty.

Panel 4,5:
Eurico is surprised, and then quietly angry. His neck is very clearly bruised.

Eurico: Oh Ângela.