Just a girl thanking the corpses she is controlling, nothing to see here…


↓ Transcript
5 Panels

Panel 1:

A horde of deslusos running through the corridor, pulling the Foreigner by a hand. One of them is holding Eurico's mask and cape. A single black speech bubble comes from the Foreigner as he thinks loudly, confused.

Foreigner (thinking): ÂNGELA?

Panel 2:
Ângela, surrounded by two other deslusos, jumps to hug the Foreigner by the waist, digging her head in his chest. The Foreigner has no apparent reaction to this.

Ângela: Oh my God! You're alive, you're alive!! I'm so sorry I left you with them!

Panel 3:
The desluso hands her Eurico's mask and cape.

Ângela: Oh, thank you so much!

Panel 4:
Top view of the gang. One of the deslusos grabs Foreigner by the hand again as Ângela starts running while she puts the mask and cape on.

Foreigner (thinking): WHAT IS HAPPENING?
Ângela: We gotta go, Miguel!!

Panel 5:
Eurico bursts through the door, shooting in the gang's direction. Estanislau is grabbing his shirt.

Eurico: HEY!
Eurico: Not anymore!