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6 Panels

Panel 1:
Eurico shoots again towards Ângela, the Foreigner and the deslusos. At the sound of gunshots, Ângela grabs her head and screams.

Panel 2:
Eurico and Estanis. Estanis is only halfway through the door, looking down the corridor. Eurico is extremely pissed off.

Estanislau: Fuck!
Eurico: TSH!

Panel 3:
The deslusos sprint until the end of the corridor, and turn to a flight of stairs around the corner.

Ângela: We're almost there, Mig-

Panel 4:
And who happened to be climbing the stairs? That's right, the two Professors, the Bishop an the acolite.

Everyone: ????????

Panel 5,6:
The Bishop looks at the Foreigner with bewilderment. From his point of view, the Foreigner has a halo around his head, with five eyes visible over his mask and five protuding antlers.