Tractor, my beloved.

↓ Transcript
7 Panels.

Panel 1,2:
A view of the river mouth and the ocean horzizon as the sun sets. A boat with large sails can be seen against it. In the foreground, trees and tiled houses. In the river, the shadows of underwater ruins can be seen. The sun sets and the scene goes darker.

Filipa (off panel): Damn it, Filipa! What were you thinking, suggesting that people may have been disappeared with? Was that guy warning me, or was he...

Panel 3:
Filipa's truck, still parked on the same spot before dumping Maurício and Manel. She's inside, with her head slammed against the big wheel.

Filipa: What if the PDL is after me now? I can't go back home...

Panel 4:
Filipa holds her head, eyes wide open in panic.

Filipa: I can't go back home.

Panel 5:
A gunshot.

Panel 6:
Filipa, aprehensive, reaches for a gun in a compartiment next to her.

Filipa: ...?

Panel 7:
Filipa hears commotion beyond the flight of stairs, but pulls her hand away from the gun.