? Call for Guest Art ?

O Sarilho will go on a one-month break in October and I’d like to feature as many artists as possible during that period! Feel free to submit your guest art in any type of media to [email protected] until September 25th ?

I’m talking about fanart, fancomics, fanfics, fanmusics, whatever you feel like!

↓ Transcript
3 Panels

Panel 1,2:
The Bishop and Professor Moniz look at the plaza as Miguel and Ângela run away.

Bishop: This was not meant to be a public event.
Professor Moniz: That crowd is not helping.
Bishop: Do what you must, professor.

Panel 3:
Ângela and Miguel run through the crowd, she's pulling him by the hand. The plaza is full of students wearing black capes, with highlights in different colors.