Been thinking about this for a while now, but would you guys mind sharing how you heard of this comic? How did O Sarilho get into your lives. Did someone tell you about it? Did I tell you about it? ? Are you here by mistake?

I’m very curious, this has been tormenting me forever.

↓ Transcript
6 Panels

Panel 1:
Filipa looks back at Ângela, with suspicion.

Panel 2:
The ocean waves hit some ruins nearby.

Panel 3:
Filipa, confused and somewhat angry, points her shotgun back at Ângela. She's shouting.

Filipa: He's an ENEMY OF THE STATE! AND YOU'RE HELPING HIM! Explain to me why I shouldn't just give you to the PDL!? If you'd be so kind!!

Panel 4,5:
Ângela gets up, slowly. Her gaze is distant and somber.

Ângela: Filipa. You are here because you fear the PDL may do to you what you believe it has done to someone close to you. A sibling, maybe? You said too much in front of the wrong person. You're afraid and your family is compromised.

Panel 6:
Filipa holds the shotgun closer to her face.

Filipa: You don't know me, witch.