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SpiderForest’s Comics of Week | November 15-21

Anything But Typical

From Magical Girls to Mutants, these schools are anything but your run of the mill learning centers!

XII: Of Magic and Muses
XII: Of Magic and Muses – The infection has spread beyond control, their quiet home a prison. Willow and the rest of the XII, incapacitated and injured, try desperately to make sense of the world they never knew they lived in. Trapped in the claws of the Headmistress and their necklaces confiscated – the only thing the girls have left: is escape.
[XII: Of Magic and Muses Webtoon Mirror]

Michael – What would it be like to be a mutant in an all human high school? Ready or not Michael is about to find out as his sharkmue genetics kick into gear just before his ninth grade year.
[Michael Webtoon Mirror]

↓ Transcript
3 Panels, flowery borders and sepia tones, once again. We're still at this, fellas.

Panel 1:
A large panel filled with a tile pattern background. Eurico is looking at the stiches on Ângela's cape, with a distracted look.

Eurico: We are similar, you and I, Ângela. We know things without having to ask for them. I didn't have to ask your name, or where you are from. But I ask anyway, because it is the polite thing to do. That knowledge is yours and it is not my place to use it without your permission. It's good manners. It's respectful. If you keep GUESSING people's names, you're in for a lot of heartache. When you use your kind of talent openly, people will resent it.

Panel 2:
Close up of Ângela holding Eurico's cape tighter. Her necktie is halfway untied, and her student uniform has been roughened up.

Eurico (off panel): I assume nobody has taught you to use them in a... Safer way.

Panel 3:
Ângela's face is partially off panel, but tear come down her cheeks. Eurico is looking at her softly.

Ângela: I inherited this from my grandmother, but she... She died when I was young.
Ângela (thinking): No one else taught me. No one else supported me.