SpiderForest’s Comics of Week | November 22-28

Adventure Awaits!

From Goblins trying to find a new home to the zany adventures on a world of owls, these comics are chock full of adventure!

Gobo Gazette
Gobo Gazette is about twelve goblins who have left home to find their place in the great big world. What could possibly go wrong?

Realm of Owls
Realm of Owls – The perfect comedy snack for your busy day! Take a little break and enjoy a page or two of owl shenanigans! Now complete with revolution! Wait… Revolution?!? That sounds pretty serious! Come check it out! (^v^)
[Realm of Owls Webtoon Mirror]

↓ Transcript
5 Panels. Flowery borders, sepia tones.

Panel 1:
Ângela is looking at Eurico and holding his cape, sitting at the kitchen table. Behind her, we see a little bit more of the kitchen, which is equally not very well-kept.

Eurico: Let's do it this way, then. You stay here, with my friend Estanislau. The room is paid for until December. You will not contact with that rotten boyfriend of yours.
Eurico (thinking): He will never see you again.
Eurico (cont): You can, and should, attend classes for your talents.

Panel 2:
Ângela looks determined!

Eurico (cont): Estanis and I will pick up your stuff. You'll find a godparent and-
Ângela (emphasis): Be my godfather!

Panel 3:
Eurico blinks and blushes softly. Surprise!

Eurico: Y-you don't know me.
Ângela (off panel): You are like me.

Panel 4:
Ângela looks very determined, with her crooked necktie and her roughened, partially unbottoned student uniform.

Ângela: You could tutor me.
Ângela (thinking): I don't know anyone else here.

Panel 5:
Eurico says nothing, but behind him here's a sink with stuff on it.