So you’ll stop saying that I never explain how the lusitanian student uniforms work!!!

Ok so basically and very rudimentally:
– University studies last for 5 years and that includes your military formation and it does include you going into missions and whatever. Their military system is just weird like that;
– You’re a student, you have books. So here’s a black folder for you to put those books into. As you advance in your studies you have to decorate it differently;
– You can rip your cape at any time, but I suppose it makes sense that you rip it more as time goes on. Rips are made by friends/family/lovers;
– Students of different years have slightly different personal insignia but I’m not gonna go into that amount of detail;
– After 5 years you graduate, but you can still be a soldier, or have some paramilitary office (like the PDL). You get cute big entangled stripes.

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↓ Transcript
3 Panels. Flowery borders and sepia tones.

Panel 1,2:
Eurico sighs.

Panel 3:
He raises a hand towards Ângela, who seems surprised that her stunt worked.

Eurico: Why don't you settle in first?

The rest of the page is a flowery line, as in the first page, going from the last panel's border until the border of the page. Eurico's dialog follows it.

Eurico: If in a month or so you still think that's a good idea... We'll talk about it, is that alright for you? Just promise me this one thing: you'll stay safe. Can you do that for me?