Look, it’s me, being absolutely unsubtle about the points I want to make with this story!!!!

I had to revise the dialog for this page at least some 10 times before I got to a version I’m not terribly unfond of. This one still ain’t it but we gotta push through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways just gonna leave this here and let you figure out how the life in Lusitânia must be like (a joy).

Also you know what? This might be one of my top favourite comic pages ever. I don’t know, it’s simple, effective and summarizes a lot. But hey, why don’t you tell me which were your favourite pages so far?

↓ Transcript
1 Panel.

Ângela is standing in the shore, with the dark ocean and dark sky behind her.

Ângela: You may have a vague understanding of what our country does to whom it deems its enemies, but, as an extractor, I have studied to bring that exact vision to life. You may GUESS, but I KNOW. The definition of enemy is very malleable in the hands of a state that has already decided it does not care if it tramples over its own people. It's not just THEM. It's never JUST THEM. Tomorrow, it will be you.