Any trust Filipa might have had on the PDL kinda disappeared in the previous chapter but anyways maybe she just needed to refresh her memory.


↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1:
The ocean waves hit the partially flooded ruins that go all the way into the sea.

Filipa (off panel): I could turn you in. I could turn you and the spaniard in. Make a good deal with the police.
Ângela (off panel): Do you trust them that much?

Panel 2:
Filipa sighs and raises her shoulders as she moves the shotgun away from Ângela.

Filipa: OOF. Good grief.

Panel 3:
Filipa stands in front of Ângela with a hand in a hip and the other one holding the shotgun to her side. Almost conversational.

Filipa: What did you do to have Inspector Eurico on your back? I mean, 'sides stealing his mask?
Ângela (surprised): You know him?
Filipa: We worked together in the Atégina Mission.

Panel 4:
A single shooting-star crosses the sky. The sky slowly turns punk as the morning draws closer. The Foreigner stands on the sand, and the wind makes Ângela's cape swing around.

Filipa (off panel): Who's the mute spaniard boy?
Ângela (off panel): He... He's not human.