How do you explain you witnessed a miracle without making it weird?

↓ Transcript
7 Panels

Panel 1,2:
Filipa freezes.

Filipa: WHAT?

Panel 3:
Filipa points her shotgun at Ângela again, much to her dismay.

Filipa: Ok, now you're just making shit up!
Filipa: Keep the FUCK AWAY, WITCH!

Panel 4:
The Foreigner observes the scene.

Ângela (off panel): Filipa, please... Miguel came from the Heavens, with a message, to help humanity.
Filipa (off panel): Seems pretty human to me!

Panel 5:
Ângela receedes further into the ocean.

Ângela: He's one of the soldiers you brought from the Atégina mission. I was about to reprogram him when he started... when he woke up.
Filipa (emphasis): You're just trying to manipulate me now, witch!
Ângela: I swear to God! I am not TAMPERING with you!
Filipa (LOUD): LIAR!

Panel 6:
Ângela, terrified. Her hands and face sport deep wounds, once again.

Ângela: Filipa, please...

Panel 7:
Same panel as before, but it shatters in many pieces with a "PFOW" sound.