Is that a motherfucking HOLY QUEEN ISABEL??

Look at how many different angles this insane person decided to draw the church’s interior on. Huh.

I know this comes right after I commented on the previous page about the archangel Michael showing up in Portugal to drop some sick beats but I’m not even gonna include that in the text enough miracles already

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↓ Transcript
5 Panels.

Panel 1: The Bishop looks in the altar's direction, upwards.

The Bishop: Between the apparitions of 1917 and the Revelations of 2333... There is a precedent. Our soil is sacred. This creature must be captured so we can ascertain its divine nature.

Panel 2: A statue of a Saint, a lady holding several roses on her dress.

The Bishop (cont, off-panel): Should it not be so, we must quash it before it instill passions in people. We don't want everyone running after ANOTHER false prophet.

Panel 3: The Professor and Eurico, sitting on their bench. The Professor addresses the Bishop.

The Professor: You think... This might be related to the new Prophecies?

Panel 4, 5: The Bishop looks back at the professor. There's a view of the Cathedral's interior and it's massively golden decorated walls, and light comes in from the top of the dome.

The Bishop (off-panel): You're a smart man and a good ally, Professor Moniz. I do not know. But I cannot ignore the possibility. After all... The prophecies claim that either our saviour returns... or Humanity's days are numbered. The preparations for said return do not specify Meditan angels, but they sure do not exclude the possibility of them.