Watch me go absolutely INSANE with the colors in this scene. Watch my slow descent into madness.

We don’t have time for your academic rites and pretend-families, Eurico.

It’s not like I have the narrative time to go deeper into them, anyway!!!

Everytime you read “academic” in this comic you may very well read “military” because in Lusitânia these are one and the same thing. Don’t ask me how it works.

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↓ Transcript
4 Panels.

Panel 1:
Eurico and the Professor on the foreground, as dark sillouettes. In the background, against the altar, the Acolyte hands the Bishop a book. The Professor, and later the Bishop, address Eurico.

The Professor: I have contacted the PDL's quarters in both O Porto and Nova Aveiro. You will be joining their search parties, Eurico.
The Bishop: This Ângela you speak of, Inspector... Is she the woman who ran off with the creature last night?

Panel 2:
The Bishop opens and reads from the book.

The Bishop: From Viana, moved to Coimbra by herself and enrolled into your Academia, for Law. Recently changed her major to Medicine. Just who is she, young man?

Panel 3:
A slightly embarassed Eurico attempts an explanation, but is briefly interrupted by the Bishop before continuing.

Eurico: She's my goddaughter, secundum praxis, your Holiness.
The Bishop (off-panel): Inspector, please. I told you I don't have time for your academic rites and pretend-families. Who is she to YOU?

Panel 4:
Same as the previous panel, but Eurico is looking away.

Eurico: I took after her.